The Governor of ||Kharas Aletha Frederick has urged the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure, and Roads to familiarise themselves with rural road infrastructure.

Frederick highlighted that many communities are isolated during heavy rain seasons and natural disasters due to inadequate road networks.

Frederick states that the quality of the national road infrastructure in ||Kharas is still regarded as one of the finest in the country.

Furthermore, she notes that Namibian roads are among the top-ranked in Africa.

However, despite these achievements, she points out that the heavy rainfall experienced in the region consistently causes significant damage to various sections of gravel roads.

"There is also a need that should be fast-tracked to upgrade because last year we had heavy rains, and access and services to these communities became a challenge because of the roads that were washed away and people could not travel on them."

MPs will also engage in meetings with various stakeholders in the region.

Additionally, they have planned meetings with officials from the Ministry of Works and Transport to address the challenges they encounter in terms of road construction and maintenance.

The oversight committee is in the region to familiarise itself with the state of roads, network connectivity, and accessibility to schools and healthcare facilities in rural areas.




Natangwe Jimmy