Landless People's Movement Chief Change Campaigner Bernadus Swartbooi has called on the Outjo Municipality to let go of its Chief Executive Officer, Josef |Urib.

Swartbooi made this call during a media conference in Outjo.

Last December, the Outjo Council took the decision that Josef |Urib, who served as the Outjo Municipality's Chief Executive Officer since 1999 until last year, should resign.

He was given an extension until this year's April; however, he's still in office.

Following a demonstration by the community on Monday, the council asked |Urib to step down during an emergency meeting on the same day.

The Landless Peoples Movement is citing that |Urib has done no good during his term as CEO.

"Mr. |Urib has become part of the furniture of Outjo Local Authority. Under him, the staff has not had a decent salary increment for many years. The staff of the municipality of Outjo must be looked at. Third parties are not paid medical aid sometimes, and pensions are not paid, but the local authority takes this income from the workers and does not transmit it to the final destination, where third parties are waiting for the payment."

He says the Outjo Municipality needs a competent CEO.

|Urib has, however, asked the Council to give him until tomorrow before he steps down as CEO.



Eveline Paulus