Bus stops are a place where commuters wait to be picked up; however, they are often neglected.

The Namibia Women Society's Windhoek Branch has embarked on a transformation mission to beautify bus stops and make them more appealing, hopefully turning them into a place of solace.

Over time, the city's bus stops become damaged from harsh weather and vandalism.

Windhoek residents Anina Short and Tula Koekemoer have noticed the wear and tear of these transit shelters.

Amidst the tranquility of a Saturday morning, while most were enjoying their leisure time, they dedicated themselves to transforming bus stops in Windhoek.
With their own resources, they embarked on painting and decorating these public spaces to enhance their appearance.

With four branches in Windhoek, the Namibia Women Society, known for its mission to empower women at various levels, has taken up the cause of revitalising several bus stops across different neighbourhoods.

The organisation procures paint using its own funds, and some painting shops generously offer discounts.

Their objective is simple yet impactful: creating visually appealing surroundings that bring joy to commuters.

The public is urged to refrain from vandalising these newly adorned spaces.

As summer approaches, passengers will be greeted by revamped bus shelters adorned with blossoming flowers.

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Informante Newspaper


Sacky Shifuka