This year, The Battle of All had a record number of entries, leading to the event being extended to two days instead of the usual one. Despite some setbacks, the organizers were pleased with the success of the event. Adolf Chivinga, the Chairperson, explained that the increased number of participating companies made the organization more complicated, but they welcomed the larger turnout.

''‘’ In total, there was about 30 companies that came on board and it just made it complicated in the organization, but we are not complaining the more the merrier, that's why next year we have to make it a two day’’

Michael Ditu, a committee member, suggested that changing the mindset and format of the competition to a two-day event would be beneficial. Both Chivinga and Ditu promised to propose a new format for next year's event to the organizing committee.

’If we change the mind-set and the approach and the format of the completion to say that this is a two day event, I believe it will work out in the sense that everyone will come with the mind-set, I can enjoy today  as still have tomorrow to conclude.’’

The Battle for All is an annual sporting event hosted by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, where different institutions compete at the Eros primary School sports field in Windhoek.

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Ndapewoshali Festus/Anna Namene