Family, friends, and former colleagues of the late Rikuetjua Tjombonde paid their last respects during his memorial and funeral services.

The nbc's Director General, Stanley Similo, was among the mourners who paid their tribute. Survived by 11 children and his wife, Veziruapi, Tjombonde was described by mourners as having lived a life well lived. He served the nbc for decades, from the time of the SWABC.

In 2009, Tjombonde was appointed manager for the Otjiwarongo contribution centre; the same year, his health became a matter of concern.

Similo said Tjombonde was like a brother to him.

"He was a very kind and nice person, but he was very stubborn. Once he has made up his mind, you cannot easily change him. I am not just here as director general because there is a history; there's an element of friendship; there's an element of closeness that I felt I needed to come and share because of the person he was, the way that I've experienced him, and what he has done for the nbc and, by extension, for Namibia as well."

In a message read on her behalf, Tjombonde's wife, Veziruapi, said she fought hard to take care of her husband over the years.

"We fought together day and night throughout different sorts of illnesses, and we remained strong because of prayers and dedication. We did not waiver as people who trust in the Lord."

Family and friends also shared their condolences. The late Tjombonde was buried at Okakarara.



Eveline Paulus