Minor dies and five are hospitalised after suspected food poisoning


Rundu Intermediate Hospital's Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jean Kalala Kabangu, says serious intervention is needed regarding the suspected food poisoning cases coming from the Nyangana District. 

In the latest case, one minor died while five others were admitted to the hospital for suspected food poisoning.

Dr. Kabangu says the patients ate cassava root prepared by the grandmother, who is also admitted. 

Those in the hospital are 60- and 22-year-old women and three boys aged ten, seven, and four. 

Patient dies while waiting for medical help at Katutura Clinic


A man died while waiting for medical assistance at the Katutura Health Centre in Windhoek on Monday night. 

The family and sympathisers present at the clinic have expressed disappointment and concern over the handling of the situation.

Reports have it that an alleged lack of assistance and overcrowding at the clinic have left many patients feeling neglected and underserved of late.

Today marks three months since the death of President Geingob


Today marks three months since President Hage Geingob died.

The late Geingob was the third president of Namibia and the first to die in office.

He died on the 4th of February after battling cancer, ending his second term of office before time.

In the weeks leading up to his death, the negotiator aggressively championed and promoted green hydrogen, a dream that came true at Walvis Bay this week.

The occasion was, however, celebrated sadly without him, but his name is embedded in the hearts of those who valued his work.

One more person dies from suspected food poisoning in Rundu


One more person has died following an incident where eight people are suspected to have contracted food poisoning at Livayi Village, 155 kilometres east of Rundu.

This brings the number of dead from the incident to three. 

Five more remain hospitalised at the Rundu Intermediate Hospital, one in critical condition.

The incident happened on Monday.

According to family members who spoke to nbc News on Tuesday, a 13-year-old boy prepared lunch with a combination of porridge and mutete, which the children consumed. 

Geingo family expresses gratitude


The Namibian nation bid farewell to its leader, Dr. Hage Geingob, with a state funeral that was attended by dignitaries from around the world. 

The eldest children of the late President, Mangaliso Fernandez Geingob and Nangula Geingos, expressed their gratitude for the support and love shown during the mourning period.

The siblings expressed their sincere gratitude to the Presidency and all other entities that coordinated the dignified funeral of their father.

Patients still have unanswered questions about Dr. Geingob's death


The matron at Rundu Intermediate Hospital, Martina Hausiku, says a number of elderly patients had a lot of questions after they found out about the death of Dr. Hage Geingob.

When the news broke that Dr. Hage Geingob had died, various Namibians were either at home or on their way somewhere else. 

But a large majority found out about his death while admitted to the hospital. The elderly patients, especially, had a lot of questions for the hospital staff. 

Dr. Geingob's value of unity should live on beyond his death


The memorial service for the late President, Hage Geingob saw an outpouring of sentimental tributes from various dignitaries and performers at the Independence Arena in Katutura. 

The Director of the Law Society of Namibia, Neliswa Tjahikika, highlighted President Geingob's instrumental role in the drafting of the Namibian Constitution. 

Seven days since the death of President Dr Hage Geingob


Today marks exactly seven days since Namibia was shaken to its foundations with the news of the death of Dr. Hage Geingob, the third president of Namibia.

Sunday, February 4, will be marked with a dark blot in the annals of history as it is the day on which a President of Namibia died while in office.

The nation is united in collective grief, and many are still grappling to come to terms with the stark reality that Dr. Geingob will no longer walk the streets of Namibia.

City of Windhoek candlelight vigil


The City of Windhoek hosted a candlelight vigil in tribute to the late president, honouring his legacy and the vision he had for the city.

Inheritance is what you leave behind for people, but legacy, on the other hand, is what you leave inside of people.

The City of Windhoek hosted a candlelight vigil to honour the legacy of our late president, Dr. Hage Geingob.

They described him as a visionary leader who dedicated his life to serving the nation.

The biker community in Windhoek also expressed their sympathies with the nation.