The highly anticipated 2023/24 Debmarine Namibia Premiership is set to kick off its first round of fixtures this weekend, featuring eight thrilling matches that will take center stage. 

The official fixtures for this weekend were revealed during a draw held on Monday at the NFA Soccer House.  As the premiership season is just beginning, there will be a break to accommodate the CHAN Qualifiers, scheduled to take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September. This break will allow players to represent their national teams and compete in this prestigious tournament. 

When asked about this decision, NFA League Director Mabos Vries explained that it was a strategic move to ensure the smooth running of both the Debmarine Namibia Premiership and the CHAN Qualifiers. By scheduling a break during the qualifiers, players can fully focus on representing their country before returning to the domestic league action. 

"On the 6th of October after we play, after we play 23rd,the second match day for the chan is the 6th and 8th of October, if you have to make provision and say lets wait for the international competition then you will start the league in October, the chan is there, the world cup qualifier is there, before the end of this season we will have seven to eight international competition that should be played, so you have to make provision for it, so if you want to postpone it you have to wait and finalize the international competition, when will you start because you start and you did not stop, all we are saying we make provision for all international matches to be played, our teams our players are playing in those matches "

Mark your calendars, as the Debmarine Namibia Premiership is estimated to conclude in May next year, promising months of thrilling football action, intense competition, and the crowning of a deserving champion.  Stay tuned for more updates and exciting matches throughout the season! 




Victorine Kaaronda/Ndapewoshali Festus