A pre-school sports dy held on Thursday at the Khomasdal stadium in Windhoek saw many children taking part in various activities under the guidance of their teachers. The aim was to enhance their confidence and foster social engagement among their peers.

Three different primary schools took part in the one-day sport day, namely: Christ's Love Christian School, Prosperity Kindergarten and Thornhill private school.

A variety of activities was on offer, including athletics and fine motor skills, such as a peg race and shopping the basket.


The Principal of Christ's Love Christian primary school and head of the organising committee, Memoir Chimwamurombe, highlighted the significance of the event.

‘’We want our learners to know that competition does not only start when they grow up, it starts now so that we are preparing them for the future and also so that they know there is competition, you either lose or win. We are so happy, our parents are here to support us. We also wanted to let parents know how learners take instructions as we are giving them here as they go home to implement them as well.’’


Supporting their children from the stands were parents and guardians, who spoke to nbc about the initiative.

‘’It is one of the best thing we should to do from the school perspective to come up with things like this. The earlier we start is the better, this is what happens from here all the way to the high school.’’

‘’This is the first time I am attending this type of event, I think this is a good initiative and it's a privilege because it is encouraging for the little ones to take part in sport.’’


Meanwhile, the Okahandja-based Thornhill Private School which also took part in the competition, had less participants compared to others.

FrIeda Kambonde, a kindergarten teacher at the school, who traveled with her learners from Okahandja, spoke on her school's involvement and the reason behind the number of learners.

‘’We really wanted to partake in this so that our kids can be active in everything. Most of the kids are small/young, they couldn't make it here and then some of the parents are busy so they couldn't make here too to accompany their children and Windhoek is far to travel from Okahandja.’’


Upon completion of the event, the organizers assessed the day and the participating schools were then awarded with trophies.