The Namibia Gymnastics Federation has been readmitted as a member of the International Gymnastics Federation after a three-year ban.

Janneth !Gaoses reports.

Almost three years ago, the Namibia Gymnastics Federation was banned by the International Gymnastics Federation, after an internal dispute between them and Namibian Gymnastics over who was meant to be the official representative in the country.

The power struggle between the two Federations led to a ban from FIG, barring Namibian gymnasts from taking part in international competitions.

According to the President of the Namibia National Olympic Committee, Abner Xoagub, this fate was ultimately overturned as the Namibian Gymnastics Federation was readmitted as a member, under the leadership of Sharifa Wentworth.

This comes after the NNOC received a letter, confirming their readmission by FIG, after various consultations.

Xoagub further said the readmission would benefit young Namibian Gymnasts greatly, as should have been the case previously. 

Various local gymnasts are currently preparing to participate in qualifiers for the upcoming 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games.

Janneth !Gaoses