Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Utaara Mootu has drawn attention to the critical issues of housing shortages and funding gaps in Namibia.

In her motion, Mootu highlighted the pressing challenges the nation faces in providing adequate housing for its citizens.

"Namibia is currently grappling with a significant housing crisis, with an estimated backlog of 300,000 housing units and an annual requirement of 30,000 new houses. This crisis is further exacerbated by a combination of factors, including high unemployment rates, soaring housing prices, and rapid urbanisation, leading to the proliferation of informal settlements."

Mootu emphasised that housing is not merely about providing shelter; it is a fundamental pillar that profoundly influences various aspects of human life, from physical and mental well-being to economic stability, social cohesion, and community development.

One of the primary challenges cited by Mootu is the imbalanced housing market, which restricts access to mortgages, especially for individuals with low incomes and informal employment.

To address these pressing issues, she called for urgent policy reform and innovative solutions.

Mootu's motion also touched on the possibility of introducing a Land Value Tax as a means to reshape suburban development practices and promote higher urban land density, potentially making housing more affordable.



Serafia Nadunya