Upon entering the Eenhana Sport Complex, NBC sport producers noticed that no construction activities were taking place at the complex, other than the dry concrete layouts where future volleyball, netball and basketball courts 
are supposed to be erected.

Speaking at the complex was the Ohangwena Regional Sport officer Paulina Kasheeta Mutilifa, who shed more light on the current state of the facility. 

"the latest update at the Eenhana sport complex the courts are theres a multi-purpose courts where theres Volleyball, netball and basketball at one court that's why we are saying a multipurpose courts, and theres also volleyball courts on its own and the basketball on its own"

"the concretes are done almost everything is done its just that we are waiting for the nets and the poles."

According to Mutilifa, phase five is the last phase of the development where all the sport facilities needed for the completion of the complex will be put up.

"this is phase five as you look at the soccer field there, the earth work is done also, we just waiting for the grass and continue with the tartan track and hopefully we can use it soon."

Mutilifa also explained that they have received positive responses from the public in Eenhana, but due the lack of funds not much can be done at this stage. Despite a decade long wait, they thus appreciate the patience from the public.

"the public are giving us good comments, this time around im very happy very excited because this contractor are doing their work im satisfied, is not too long again to wait the public can just be patient with us just because of availability of funds but we are pushing "

At this point, there's no definite date as to when the Eenhana Sport Complex will be finished - let alone be open to the general public and athletes.