The Namibian BDO squash tournament is gonna be lit! With over 40 international players and a total of 94 players, both local and international, battling it out on the Wanderers courts in Windhoek, it's gonna be one epic showdown! 

Jan Olivier, the host of the event, is super stoked and ready for the action. He knows this tournament is a game-changer for Namibian players, giving them a chance to face off against international opponents and gain some valuable experience. 

"to put the club on the forefront of Namibia is absolutely fantastic. We have fantastic facilities, we have our own restaurant here , we have a sports club we are various codes but squash is the biggest sport codes in wanderies club and I think it is very good for the club, we have upgraded the courts we have upgraded the sitting, we can sit round about 350 spectators on the courts, there is not a lot of courts in the world who can tell you they can sit on a permanent basis 350 players and spectators, so absolute fantastic venue, fantastic organization that's all around it, people have been working really hard and we looking forward to hosting everybody."

Oliver believes this is a good initiative for the Namibian players as it exposes them to international opponents. 

"you play the same players all the time, I think a part of you that makes it special is they get to know one another, all of a sudden we have an in-Flux of, we have 40 international players coming to the country so your gonna play people that you never had the opportunity, it's gonna be a learning curve and some absolute great experiences that they could pick up" 

 There are some sweet prizes up for grabs! The winners in each category are gonna walk away with some lucrative rewards. 

I can already feel the excitement building up, my dude! This tournament is gonna be off the charts! Keep an eye out for updates and get ready to witness some intense squash battles!