Namibians will be heading to the polls next year, where each ballot cast will decide who the next president and National Assembly members will be.

It is for this reason that the Electoral Commission of Namibia will conduct a mock voter registration with an enhanced mobile system from November 15 to 17.

After reviewing the 2019 and 2020 Presidential and National Assembly Elections, the Commission upgraded its mobile voter registration system to the integrated mobile voter registration system.

The ECN has now revealed a mock voters' registration exercise for the enhanced system, incorporating voter registration, identification, verification, and political party registration.

According to the ECN Spokesperson, De Wet Siluka, the enhanced system incorporates advanced security and verification measures to ensure the integrity of the voter registration process. 

He further explained that it will help to minimise the risk of false registration and enhance overall confidence in the electoral system.

"The purpose of this exercise is to test the real-time functionality and usability of the voter registration system in preparation for the general registration of voters in 2024. The enhanced system leverages mobile technology to make voter registration more responsive and efficient, marking a significant milestone in our efforts to modernise and improve our election processes. Hence, there is a need to test its functionality and readiness before the actual rollout and launch of the IMVRS."

Siluka stressed that voter registration cards printed during the exercise will be clearly marked "Mock". 

The cards will be returned to ECN after the process, and the ECN promises to keep political parties, organisations, and associations abreast of any technical challenges or glitches pertaining to the functionality or performance of the system.

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Emil Xamro Seibeb