The Ondangwa recreational Go Karting facility has permanently closed its doors. The facility, once a popular spot for motorsport enthusiasts and locals during the Ondangwa Trade Fair, has ceased all go-karting activities due to a lack of engagement and insufficient funds for maintenance.

The management of the Windhoek go-kart facility has retrieved the karts and returned them to Windhoek, leaving behind only a pile of tires and tire marks as a reminder of the facility's past glory.

NBC Sport visited the Ondangwa Town Council to investigate the situation further. Marketing Manager Gerhard Sam provided insights into the initial contract with the previous management and the availability of the site.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope. The Ondangwa Town Council, as the owner of the site, still permits spinning events to take place occasionally. They also expressed openness to consider proposals from individuals or organizations willing to utilize the site, as long as they meet the council's requirements.

The Ondangwa Town Council remains committed to finding profitable ways to utilize the area in the future. Hopefully, new opportunities will arise to revive the recreational spirit in Ondangwa and provide entertainment for motorsport enthusiasts and the local community once again.



Erickson Tapiso