In a closely contested election at the Mercure Hotel, Robert Shimooshili emerged as the newly elected president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA). He secured victory over his rival, Patrick Kauta, with a vote count of 19 to 15.

The NFA has faced internal conflicts and disputes in recent years, resulting in FIFA's intervention through the appointment of two normalization committees to oversee Namibian football. These issues caused a halt in the sport's progress for approximately three years.

One of the key responsibilities of the normalization committees was to facilitate a congress to elect fresh leadership for the NFA. Shimooshili's successful election signifies the beginning of a new era for Namibian football.

However, the success of this new chapter will depend on the collective support and cooperation of all football stakeholders.

NBC had the opportunity to speak with both candidates prior to the election, and both expressed their commitment to respecting the outcome of the vote and offering their support to the winning team.

The election of Robert Shimooshili as NFA president sets the stage for potential positive changes and developments within Namibian football, as the new executive endeavors to move the sport forward with the backing of various stakeholders.



Michael Ditu