Last week's NFA congress showed signs of maturity - Mwiya

Freddy Mwiya, the Chief Administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, expressed his satisfaction with the recently held NFA Congress in Windhoek.

As one of the observers during the congress, Mwiya commended the participants for their maturity and adherence to the relevant statutes.

He highlighted the importance of having well-defined policies and statutes within an organization to ensure smooth operations, especially during a presidential race like the one between Patrick Kauta and Robert Shimooshili.


In a closely contested election at the Mercure Hotel, Robert Shimooshili emerged as the newly elected president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA). He secured victory over his rival, Patrick Kauta, with a vote count of 19 to 15.

The NFA has faced internal conflicts and disputes in recent years, resulting in FIFA's intervention through the appointment of two normalization committees to oversee Namibian football. These issues caused a halt in the sport's progress for approximately three years.

Shimooshili & Kauta race heats Up

The race for the presidency of the Namibian Football Association (NFA) between Robert Shimooshili and Patrick Kauta is expected to be highly competitive and closely contested at the Association's Elective Congress on Friday.

Both Shimooshili and Kauta have shared their visions for the future of the NFA if elected as President. Kauta, in particular, spoke to the media from Ghana, highlighting the importance of his campaign.

Robert Shimooshili NFA president

In a closely contested election held at the Mercure Hotel earlier today, Robert Shimooshili was elected as the new president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), defeating his rival, Patrick Kauta, by a vote of 19 to 15.

The NFA has been plagued by infighting in recent years, which led FIFA to appoint two normalization committees to oversee the running of Namibian football.

These disagreements effectively brought the sport to a standstill for approximately three years.