The Kakurukouje Traditional Authority and the inhabitants of Etanga Village have commended the government for its efforts in ensuring that they have access to basic services.

One such development is the electrification of Etanga, considered a major development in the region.

Etanga Village is located about 210 kilometres west of Opuwo in the Epupa Constituency, where basic services have been a challenge for years.

As the years progressed, basic services, including a school, police station, and clinic, were brought to the community to reduce the burden of residents having to commute to Opuwo or Orupembe for such services.

Through the Mines and Energy Ministry's rural electrification project, the village was recently connected to the national grid.

Even charging a phone became a hassle, with only one resident who possessed a solar panel, which the whole community would use to charge their devices.

But the most recent development means everyone can charge their phones in the comfort of their own homes.

Karungojo Muhenje, Senior Council of the Kakurukouje Traditional Authority, requested that the government at least expand the Etanga Primary School to offer higher grades and so remove the need for their children to travel to other localities.

He further requested the further electrification of houses not yet connected, including that of their chief.


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