MMA fighter Veja Hinda is currently in Thailand for a training camp, and he has been enjoying his time on the island, constantly working and striving to improve his skills. As the 2023 Sportman of the Year, Hinda is grateful for the opportunity to train in South East Asia.

Despite the humid weather during the day, Hinda remains focused on the goal that brought him to Thailand. He acknowledges that the training camp has been far from easy, but he now understands why athletes travel from all over the world to train in Thailand.

Hinda's training sessions begin as early as 6 am and continue until 8 pm, totaling over 12 hours of training each day. This intense schedule is bound to contribute to his individual improvement as an athlete.

Recently, Hinda had the chance to step into the ring, and he noticed the difference his training has made in his performance. The rigorous training in Thailand is undoubtedly paying off.

While Hinda enjoys his life in Thailand, he acknowledges that home will always be home, no matter where he finds himself. He also has a special message for everyone back in Namibia, showing his appreciation and connection to his home country.

Although Hinda is currently focused on his training camp, he plans to return to Namibia before the end of the year. With the valuable experience gained in Thailand, he aims to continue his journey of growth in MMA and make his country proud.



Victorine Kaaronda