The Ndonga Linena Green Scheme farm manager fears that an electricity outage there may affect the farms' yield for the current planting season.

Janno Rentel says the power outage at the green scheme has become prevalent.

Farm manager Janno Rentel says NORED needs to act urgently on the matter.

He says that for the past three months, they've experienced power outages for at least three consecutive days.  

"If you get behind with watering your plants, you will not have the yield you want. What else is happening now that we are giving fertiliser to the fields and then the pumps shut down? you are not giving the right amount of fertilizer to the field anymore because the pump is starting when the power is going on and off, so it impacts not only the fertiliser but also your infrastructure. 

Rentel says power outages also affect the communication network, making it difficult for them to seek help when needed.

He says when called for help, NORED officials have to travel from Rundu or Divundu.

The farm, which is located 90 kilometers from Rundu, did not have electricity over the weekend.

The nbc News has been trying to reach out to NORED for the past two weeks, but promises made by the company to provide answers never materialised.

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Elizabeth Mwengo