Nandi-Ndaitwah urges UNAM to introduce faculty of agriculture at Rundu Campus


Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has urged the University of Namibia (UNAM) to introduce a faculty of agriculture at the Rudu Campus.

Speaking at the UNAM Rundu Campus graduation ceremony, the Vice President said such a move would spur development in the country.

Dr. Nandi-Ndaitwah noted that both Kavango East and West are known as agricultural regions, both in crop farming and animal husbandry.

IPC launches ground mobilisation commandos in Rundu


Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) launched its Ground Mobilisation Commandos in Rundu this weekend.

The Ground Mobilisation Commandos targeted about 13 locations in and around Rundu to mobilise and recruit new members.

"To ensure victory over the troops in Oshana, it is crucial that we go out and recruit. Just yesterday, we welcomed 776 new members to our party. This continuous growth is a testament to the IPC's commitment to serving our people and our readiness to govern this country," said IPC President, Panduleni Itula.

Miracle baby defies odds


Healthworkers at the maternity wing at Rundu's Intermediary Hospital have shown off a premature-born baby who defied all odds and is now 1 and a half years old.

Baby Peligrine Triumph Ndara weighed 800 grammes, hardly the size of the hand of an adult person, when she was born on August 2, 2022.

Together with her mother, Lahia Mwira, and staff at the maternity wing at Rundu hospital, baby Peligrine Triumph Ndara's story is one of triumph over adversity.

Two minors lose lives in Rundu open pit accident while playing in the water


Two minors drowned in an open pit at Rundu today while playing in the water.

The children accompanied their mother, who had gone to the swamp for fishing.

According to the mother, Franciska Hausiku, she left her three children under a tree near one of the open pits while she moved on to the next.

It is alleged that the youngest child, who is three years old, was playing in the water.

The seven-year-old sister then saw her younger sister struggling in the water and tried to help her out; however, both of them drowned.

Residents of Suncity in Rundu face water crisis


Residents of the Suncity location at Rundu have been without running water for months. 

They have now resorted to collecting water from the supply lines found above the ground. 

Residents say they have been without water since October last year, while others have never had running water since their taps were installed. 

This has left the community with no choice but to get water from any other pipe.

One more person dies from suspected food poisoning in Rundu


One more person has died following an incident where eight people are suspected to have contracted food poisoning at Livayi Village, 155 kilometres east of Rundu.

This brings the number of dead from the incident to three. 

Five more remain hospitalised at the Rundu Intermediate Hospital, one in critical condition.

The incident happened on Monday.

According to family members who spoke to nbc News on Tuesday, a 13-year-old boy prepared lunch with a combination of porridge and mutete, which the children consumed. 

Rundu police cells overcrowded


Overcrowding in the holding cells at the Rundu Police Station has become a matter of concern.

Station Commander Chief Inspector Heremine Muranda says they are now challenged with providing effective service delivery to the inmates.  

Muranda was speaking during a visit by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Security on Thursday.

The Rundu police station cells cater for two other police stations, namely Ndama and Kehemu.

It has the capacity to hold about a hundred inmates.

Naingopo Primary in need of infrastructural upgrade


Naingopo Primary School in the Kavango West Region, situated over 80 km south of Rundu, is in urgent need of an infrastructural upgrade.

Community members feel that the school has been neglected for many years, with not even the bare necessities of a school.

Naingopo Primary School was established in 1978 and has a learner population of 75 with two teachers.

The school operates from pre-primary to grade three, using a multi-grade teaching method.