Cross-border crimes between Namibia, Angola remain a concern

Cross-border crimes between Namibia and Angola remain a concern for law enforcement agencies from both countries.

Law enforcement experts say these crimes undermine societal stability and threaten the wellbeing of citizens in both countries. The issue of cross-border crimes between Namibia and Angola led to a bilateral meeting in Rundu with law enforcement agencies from both countries discussing ways to improve their fight against crime.

Satotwa Junior Primary School suspends classes

Classes have been suspended at Satotwa Junior Primary School near Rundu for nearly a week now.

Parents claim that this is due to the principal's mistreatment of their children.

Since last Monday, more than 140 learners from Satotwa Junior Primary School in the Mankupi Constituency of the Kavango West Region have been absent from classes.

The school accommodates students from pre-primary to grade five.

Parents say the conflict with the principal began in February 2021, describing his behaviour as unkind.

NAMCOL hosts career fair in Rundu

The Namibian College for Open Learning (NAMCOL) Regional Branch in Rundu hosted a two-day career fair for high school learners from the two Kavango regions.

The career fair offers an opportunity for learners to decide what exactly they want to pursue after high school.

The two-day fair is expected to attract learners from 16 schools, where they will have the opportunity to engage with 11 exhibitors.

The exhibitors are from various academic institutions, including VTCs and health training institutions, among others.

Rundu community library becomes a source of information for many

Joakim Fransisku, the acting librarian at the Rundu Community Library, says the facility caters to more users than it can accommodate.

Joakim Fransisku says between 100 and 150 locals make use of the community library on an average day.

It's a typical weekday, and the Rundu Community Library is a hive of activity.

Users range from primary school learners, teenagers here to do homework, and young adults doing research or applying for online jobs.

Child marriage prevalent in Kavango East Region

Child marriage, child neglect, and people taking the law into their own hands are some of the prevalent issues in the Kavango East Region.

This was revealed by some law enforcement officers in Rundu.

The Regional Commander of Kavango East, Commissioner Johanna Ngondo, spoke about some of the widespread issues in the region during an engagement with nbc management.

Three women found in possession of cannabis denied bail

Three women found in possession of cannabis over the weekend were denied bail at the Rundu Magistrate's Court yesterday.

The accused, Emilia Kakuhu, Intumba Rafael Domingas, and a minor, were arrested during a Police operation called Operation Lobster.

The police received a tip from community members.

It is alleged that the accused cultivated the plants at their houses.

Upon police arrival at the house at the Ndama location on Friday, two of the suspects fled, and only a minor was found at the house, whom the police took into custody.

28-year-old mother names her girl triplets after the current and two former First Ladies

A 28-year-old mother in Rundu who recently gave birth to triplet girls has decided to name them after the First Lady, the former First Lady, and the founding First Lady of Namibia.

The little ones are named: Monica, Penehupifo and Theopoldine.

The First Lady, former First Lady, and founding First Lady have all expressed their joy and given their approval to have the newborns named after them.

Namibian Standards Institution celebrates World Metrology Day

The Executive Director in the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization Sikongo Haihambo has commended the Namibian Standards Institution for ensuring that there is fair trade in the economy.

He said this during the celebration of the World Metrology at Rundu.

Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) celebrated World Metrology Day, under the theme 'Measurements supporting the global food system".

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signing of the 20 May 1875 Metre Convention.

Over 80 countries around celebrate the impact of measurement daily.

Self-proclaimed Rundu-based prophet denied bail

A self-proclaimed Rundu-based prophet, Jafet Johannes made his second appearance in the Rundu Magistrate's Court and was denied bail.  Johannes faces a case of fraud.

Jafet Johannes' arrest came after an alleged victim opened a case against him claiming that the self-proclaimed prophet created a blockchain account, inviting the victim to buy the cryptocurrency, known as Trongrace.

It is alleged that the victim invested an amount of more than N$280,000, which he expected would be paid back with interest.

COSDEC trainees at Rundu unhappy with treatment received from sponsors

Trainees from the marginalised communities sponsored by Palms for Life at the Tukurenu Community Skills Development Centre at Rundu are not happy with the treatment they receive from the sponsors.

The trainees, the majority of them from the Khwe community residing in the Bwabwata National Park, received training on vocational skills at various levels.

Palms for Life is a non-governmental organisation that solicits funds from donors for the empowerment of marginalised groups in Namibia.