Rundu residents unhappy with NORED services

Residents of Rundu are still not happy with the services offered by NORED.

They expressed themselves at a consultation meeting, organized by the Rundu Town Council.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and the Ministry of Mines and Energy are consulting and soliciting inputs from key stakeholders on the establishment of Regional Electricity Distributors and their impact on local authorities.

Amarok Club Namibia donates to mother of five

The Amarok Club Namibia has come to the aid of a destitute mother of five in Sauyenwa, an informal settlement west of Rundu.

Siyapa Maria Mayanga and her children used to sleep in a structure made of plastic and old corrugated iron sheets.

Mayanga can only buy food for her children by collecting bottles to sell, and she sometimes has to beg.

The Amarok Club came to her aid, constructing a corrugated iron house worth N$15,000 for them.

Mayanga takes care of three of her children, while the other two live with their father's family.

Rundu Cash and Carry saga continues

The Cash and Carry at Rundu saga continues unabated as it remains unresolved despite them not returning to the stores on Friday.

The workers have been camping at the supermarket since Wednesday, blocking the entrance to the store until their demands are met.

The police had to be called in to forcefully remove the workers to allow the shop to operate.

Acting NamPol Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner Eino Nambahu, says the police action was necessary to protect the rights of the employer, Cash n Carry.

Rundu cash and Carry transfers employees to different locations

More than 270 employees at the Rundu Cash and Carry supermarket have been transferred to different locations, a move they deem as constructive dismissal by the employer.

The Rani Group of Companies and the labor-hire company, Employment Placement Services Namibia, informed the workers of their transfers on Monday.

The labor-hire company is owned by Tsumeb Constituency Councillor, Gottlieb Ndjendjela.

The workers say their transfers are in retaliation for their exposing labor malpractices and the selling of expired goods at the Cash and Carry supermarket.

SPYL unhappy with re-opening of Rundu Cash and Carry

The Swapo Party Youth League is dismayed by the re-opening of the Rundu Cash and Carry supermarket before a re-inspection of expired goods was carried out.

The shop was reopened following the Rundu Town Council's signaling of the green light.

A video of expired goods being handled went viral on social media.

Based on that evidence, health inspectors from Rundu Town temporarily closed the main shop after discovering more expired goods on the shelves.

The shop was closed until it could prove that it met hygiene standards.

Mike du Preez & employees defend circulated clips as harmless game

The owner of Petroport at Rundu, Mike du Preez, and his employees have come out in defense of a video that showed employees being beaten.

Both the employer and employee claimed the beating was part of a game they play at work, which has been taken out of context.

The clip circulating on social media is accompanied by an explanation that employees there are beaten in exchange for loans requested from the company.

Stateless mother struggles to make ends meet 

A stateless mother of 10 at Rundu is finding the going tough as she waits on the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication, and Social Welfare to approve the children's social grants.

Katarina Matjayi, who resides in the Ndama Informal Settlement, narrated her struggles to nbc News.

Matjayi's struggles started after she gave birth at the age of 16.

By the age of 37, Matjayi had seven children already.

And the arrival of triplets three years ago increased the number of her offspring to ten.

Social enterprise "Let's Walk the Talk" faces bleak future 

Rundu-based social enterprise Let's Walk the Talk faces a bleak future after Sikanduko Headwoman Masandu Rabana threatened to take back a plot of land on which the center is situated.

Let's Walk the Talk founder Beatrice Sitali has, however, refused to budge, accusing Rabana of trying to sell the piece of land to the highest bidder.

Sitali, a psychosocial counselor and trainer of trainers, founded the Let's Walk the Talk project to provide necessary life skills to women, particularly those living with HIV and Aids.