Division amongst staff members at schools led to the regression of the Otjozondjupa Region to the 6th position.

Otjozondjupa Acting Education Director Uerivangera Tjivikua mentioned the division to nbc News.

For the past three years, the Otjozondjupa Region has been in the fifth position but has regressed to the sixth position in the National Senior Secondary Certificate Advance Subsidiary Level and seventh in the Ordinary Level.

In terms of candidates who qualified for the advanced subsidiary, the region is in eighth place.

Even though the Otjozondjupa region regressed, the acting education director says the performance is satisfactory given the challenges they faced.

"You know, in any given region, there are schools that carry the region in terms of performance. Both schools here, Otjiwarongo Secondary and Grootfontein Secondary, had some serious challenges in terms of division among the staff members. In Otjiwarongo, we had some conflicts between some senior teachers and the whole management, and in Grootfontein, there were also some cliques among the management members to the extent that we had to go to the schools ourselves and intertwine and resolve those issues."

He says the conflict amongst the staff members was not resolved entirely as they learned that there are still some issues that need to be resolved.

Otjiwarongo Secondary is in ninth place in the government schools Ordinary Level ranking, while Grootfontein is ranked third in the Advance Subsidiary Level. 

These schools, however, remain among the top-performing schools in the country.

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Eveline Paulus