Shirley's Netball Academy is actively searching for young, talented netball players between the ages of under 5 and under 17 to nurture and develop their skills.

Established with the goal of providing opportunities to young individuals who may not be traditionally considered athletes, Shirley's Netball Academy adopts an inclusive approach, ensuring that everyone has a chance to excel in the sport.

Founder and coach, Shirley Karuhumba, is determined to begin training at the grassroots level and guide players towards success. By focusing on fundamental skills and techniques, they lay a solid foundation for future achievements.

Karuhumba shares her aspirations for the upcoming year, expressing a clear vision and unwavering dedication to taking the academy and its players to new heights. She believes that these talented individuals hold immense potential for the future.

Shirley's Netball Academy invites all netball enthusiasts to reach out and learn more by visiting their Facebook page.



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