Etosha Lions supporter Manuel Uiseb and former Coach Max Johnson, who had the opportunity to witness the late Dr. Hage Geingob play the beautiful game of football back in the day, took a moment to reminisce on some of the late president's experiences with the club.

Uiseb, a die-hard supporter of Etosha Lions, recently walked down memory lane to revisit some of the late president's most memorable moments on the field. He recalled being present when Geingob sported the famous Etosha Lions jersey, highlighting a legendary sprint down the right flank and delivering impactful crosses in 1962. Geingob posed a significant challenge for attackers against the Lions' defense.

In a conversation with NBC Reporter Eveline Paulus, Uiseb shared insights into Geingob's versatile skills beyond being a solid defender. Additionally, he reflected on the 4th of February 2024, recalling how he received the somber news of the president's passing.

Former Etosha Lions Coach Max Johnson also cherished the privilege of observing Geingob from a young age of 6 years. He too reminisced about the fond memories shared with the late president during his time with the team.

Dr. Hage Geingob is set to be laid to rest this Sunday, the 26th of February.



Nicolaus Thiremo