A total of twenty-eight talented players have secured their spots to represent the ||Kharas Region at the upcoming zonal closed chess tournament set to be held in Windhoek next month.

Organized by the Namibia Chess Federation in collaboration with the Namibia School Sports Union, the tournament saw participation from nearly 150 players representing different schools in the region.

Neto Che-Guevara Kasuto, the Chairperson of the ||Kharas Zonal Chess Tournament, highlighted the developmental stage of chess in the region during an interview with NBC Sport.

He emphasized the importance of creating awareness about the sport and acknowledged the potential of the bright students in the region who lack adequate skills nurturing and coaching support.

In a statement, Kasuto encouraged the qualified students to study the game diligently and focus on training to enhance their skills, empowering them to compete effectively in the zonal closed tournament.

 For many participants, this tournament marked their first experience in organized chess competitions, while others brought a few years of experience to the board.

Players like Ester Hambojo and Leonard Moises shared their perspectives on chess, emphasizing its mental challenges and benefits in developing critical thinking skills.

Stella Bekker highlighted the dynamic nature of chess, where victories, losses, and draws contribute to the enriching experience of the game.

Marcalino Zuze, a dedicated teacher and coach, expressed gratitude towards the Namibia Chess Federation for their commitment to advancing the game in the region.

He highlighted the positive impact of chess on youth development, particularly in honing quick thinking skills and enhancing mathematical abilities.

As the excitement builds up, the national chess schools tournament is scheduled to kick off on the 2nd of March in Windhoek, promising a showcase of strategic brilliance and competitive spirit among young chess enthusiasts.

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Namibia Chess Federation


Natangwe Jimmy