The Southern Stream First Division Disciplinary Committee has found Black Africa guilty of not honoring three league matches due to a leadership crisis affecting the team.

Black Africa faces escalating challenges as the Disciplinary Committee imposes a N$100,000 fine for failing to fulfill their league fixtures against Latinos, Blue Boys, and Eleven Arrows. The team has also forfeited points, with each opposing team awarded a 3-0 victory.

The leadership crisis, characterized by a power struggle between two factions within the team, has resulted in Black Africa's demotion to the lower league and triggered a High Court case. The final verdict of this legal battle is expected on the 29th of this month.

With no resolution in sight for the internal conflict, the future appears uncertain for Black Africa, a team with a storied history of success in Namibian football, boasting 10 league titles, including a remarkable four consecutive wins.

Struggling in their debut season in the First Division, Black Africa is yet to secure a victory after seven matches played, painting a challenging picture for the once-dominant team.



Kavii Vezemburuka