Learners are encouraged to participate in extramural activities. Learners across the country should be encouraged by their families to engage in extramural activities as it allows them to develop valuable skills and abilities, alongside improved academic performance.

These are some sentiments voiced by fellow parents and teachers during the just-ended ||Kharas Zonal Athletics Competition that took place in Keetmanshoop over the weekend.

A school is described as both an educational institution and a building designed to provide learning space for learners under the direction of teachers. Striking a balance between academic and extramural activities is necessary for learners to grow holistically. Sports provide such balance and instill discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Jeanine Esau, a teacher at Keetmanshoop Primary School, said, "These extramural activities are very important for the child, especially from the primary school level because there should be a balance between the two. Learners cannot just focus on academic performance, but sports should also be involved so that there can be a balance. It also helps with discipline because in sports, you need to be disciplined. So, it is very important to practice these extramural activities at school."

Parental involvement in learners' extramural activities can go a long way in boosting the morale and confidence of learners, enabling them to excel academically as well. Corporate sponsorship for these activities will ensure that learners are provided with the full experience.

"Growth starts from athletics and from being sportsmanship, so it learns that athletes have different types of values. So to have a parent here, it just boosts that child's morale and encourages them to be better. So, it's very important for parents to support their learners, and that children are even here also," Eveline Visagie - NNSU ||Kharas Athletics representative, said.

Paulus Haleinge, a teacher at JA Nell Secondary School, said, "We call on the private sector to help us fund these types of events because it eases the burden on the schools. Schools are the ones footing the bill, and it's really a burden for us. In the end, it does not bring out the best from the learners due to the lack of funding."

"It also makes your job as a teacher or sports coordinator very easy if you have parents supporting you because you know that these parents will be able to boost their children and they like to see their parents around. They want their parents to be there," Jeanine Esau, a teacher at Keetmanshoop Primary School, said.

The ||Kharas Regional Athletics meeting is expected to take place next month in the mining town of Oranjemund.



Natangwe Jimmy