Street vendors in Grootfontein are calling on their municipality to fast-track the construction of an open market to allow them to flourish in their businesses.

The vendors of Grootfontein have been in desperate need of an open market for years, as selling on the streets is not conducive.

From time to time, the municipality would move them from the CBD but have stopped doing so and rather charges the vendors for selling at undesignated places around town.

Vendors were also asked to move to a fenced-off municipal place for the town to look organised.

Although some vendors moved, others refused. 

The acting Grootfontein Municipality's Chief Executive Officer, Indileni Lungameni, says the municipality held a fund-raising gala dinner last year to raise funds for the construction of an open market. 

He says that even though the funds are not yet enough, the fenced-off area, from which some vendors have already started operating, is the piece of land allocated by the council where the open market will be constructed.

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Eveline Paulus