President Nangolo Mbumba has launched Hyphen Hydrogen Energy's Meteorological Mast campaign, on site in Tsau-||Khaeb National Park.

The Met Mast is used to measure wind speed and direction.

The wind measurement tower is mounted with various specialised devices and monitoring equipment, which helps Hyphen accurately quantify how good the wind is around Tsau-||Khaeb National Park.

The process includes the collection of data, and the wind measuring starts at 20, 40, 60, and 100 metres every ten minutes and will continue over the next ten years.

Once the data collection process is completed, Hyphen says this will help optimise the design of its wind farm as well as the full green hydrogen facility.

The data would also be used to raise funds.

For President Mbumba, this development demonstrates his commitment to the full realisation of the green hydrogen project.

The forecast for the wind around Tsau-||Khaeb National Park fluctuates daily, ranging from 6.7 and 22.3 mph to 29 mph, blowing in different directions.

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Blanche Goreses