Amateur boxer Gebhard Ipinge is on a mission to secure a spot at the upcoming Olympic Games and is now reaching out for financial assistance to compete in the 2nd World Olympic Qualifiers in Bangkok, Thailand.

Despite a challenging outing at the first Olympic Qualifiers in Italy last month, where all five Namibian boxers, including Ipinge, were unable to secure victories, the determined athlete remains focused on his Olympic dream.

Coach Jose Kambinda emphasized the importance of support as Ipinge gears up for the final event that could pave his way to the prestigious Olympic stage.

With the Namibia National Olympic Committee Secretary-General, Joan Smit, acknowledging Ipinge's potential as an Olympic contender, the lack of financial resources poses a significant hurdle in realizing his aspirations.

As the countdown to the Paris Olympics continues, Ipinge's quest for qualification reflects the dedication and resilience of Namibian boxers striving to make their mark on the global stage.



Hileni Matheus