The National Assembly is yet to receive a formal resignation letter from the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) about MP Vipuakuje Muharukua, almost a week after he announced he was quitting.

On Tuesday last week, Muharukua tendered his resignation to his party, PDM, saying he was unable to continue promoting the party's virtues and values.

Senior spokesperson at Parliament Sakeus Kadhikwa told nbc News that the National Assembly is only in possession of a forwarded letter from PDM's parliament desk to the Secretary to the National Assembly.

They are yet to receive an official communiqué from PDM on his resignation and that of his subsequent replacement.

Contacted for a comment PDM's Secretary General, Immanuel Ngaringombe, says the party will communicate with the National Assembly within the next two weeks about who will replace Muharukua. 

According to the gazetted party list, PDM's Oshana Regional Coordinator, Teofelus Kamati, is due to replace Muharukua.

In an interview on nbc's One on One programme, Ngaringombe said Muharukua exercised a fundamental right—that of freedom of choice—when he chose to resign. 

"We are in a democratic society where we have fundamental freedoms, namely the freedom of association, freedom of expression, and even freedom of choice. and it was Mr. Muharukua's choice and freedom to associate himself with the PDM, positively contributing to the lives of the Namibians and the movement in particular. and he has made his democratic choice to move on to his other choices, which I don't know for now, and we respect that." 

The full one-on-one programme in which Ngaringombe speaks about a range of issues within the PDM will broadcast on Tuesday night at 15 minutes past nine.



Lahia Hatutale