The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) remains committed to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices. 

Its President Bisey |Uirab said this at the official opening of the first-ever Namibian Local Content Conference at Luderitz on Tuesday.

NCCI, in partnership with Antila Consultancy, organised a three-day conference, which is being held on the background of the prospects for an emerging oil industry. 

Themed "Empowering Namibia's Energy Ambitions by Connecting Industry and Indigenous Talent," the conference brings together stakeholders from the energy sector and interlinks them to share insights and explore opportunities for local development. 

"One of the primary roles of the NCCI is to advocate and champion interventions that foster an environment conducive to business growth and development. We believe that by promoting local content in the energy sector, we can create opportunities for Namibian businesses to thrive, contribute to job creation, and stimulate economic growth. Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to ensure that Namibian companies have the necessary support and resources to participate meaningfully in the energy value chain."

Currently, says |Uirab, Namibia's natural resource industries, such as the mining sector, have low linkages. 

The Petroleum Commissioner, Maggy Shino, says the government's key priority is to build local capacity and expertise in petroleum through capacity building and skills development initiatives. 

"As we gather here today, let us reaffirm our commitment to local content development and build a more inclusive and sustainable energy sector in Namibia. Let us use this conference to explore new avenues for collaboration, innovation, and growth that will benefit our country and its people." 

Also speaking at the event were the Mayor of Luderitz, Phillip Balhao, and Luderitz Business Forum representative and convener of the conference, Maria Mbudhi.

"The impact of the Namibia Local Content Conference on the local economy is massive, and this boost of the conference for our entrepreneurs will ensure the sustenance of employment while further encouraging investors to set up shop. Rest assured that Luderitz is your preferred destination and your partner in real economic transformation."

"We think that our efforts to organise this historical maiden conference would remain worthwhile by the knowledge flowing and that discussions that take place here over the next two days will be appreciated and herald over the decades that are beyond us, our existence, and in all corners of our great nation."

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