In an effort to bring health services closer to the people, an N$6 million clinic will be constructed in Otjiwarongo's Ombili informal settlement.

The funds have been secured from B2 Gold Namibia to upgrade the health centre in which they are currently operating into a fully-fledged clinic.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the centre upgrade, Health and Social Services Ministry Executive Director Ben Nangombe said the initiative will relieve pressure on the Otjiwarongo Hospital as well as Orwetoveni Clinic.

It will also reduce the distance people have to travel to seek medical services.

Ombili Clinic was started as a TB Directly Observed Therapy service point in 2007 for residents in and around Tsaxara-Aibes, Telecom, and the DRC.

"The effectiveness of services at the district hospital will be significantly enhanced. A fully functioning Ombili Clinic will provide comprehensive health care services, and the governor spoke about this, such as the Expanded Programme of Immunization. Immunisation is important because it is through immunisation that we prevent childhood illnesses, and that would mean that our children would be healthier, they would be able to go to school, and they would be able to lead healthier lives. We are going to talk about the management of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and reference was made to dental services as well as pharmaceutical services."

Nangombe added that the Cabinet has approved a N$16 billion budget plan to revitalise the health sector, which will address the construction of new health facilities, the procurement of medicines, ambulances, medical equipment, and the recruitment of staff. 

Construction of district hospitals in Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Nkurenkuru, and Ondangwa is under the same budget.

B2 Gold Namibia Country Manager John Ross says the upgrade of Ombili Clinic is part of bringing development to the people.

"We believe that because we are here, we need to give back to the communities, and we always say we want to leave Namibia as a better place than it was when we got here. Just talking to a couple of people this morning about how far people need to travel to get access to basic healthcare is unacceptable." 

Otjiwarongo Mayor Gottlieb Shivute says the construction of the clinic will enhance the quality of life of the residents and their access to health.

"Healthcare is not just a service; it is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of any thriving society. As the regional capital of Otjiwarongo, it plays a pivotal role not only in economic endeavours but also in ensuring the well-being of our residents and those who rely on it as a service hub."

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