The Minister of Justice, Yvonne Dausab, has called for collective efforts to bolster sustainable business practices. 

She made the call while officiating on behalf of the Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu, at the Luderitz Crayfish Festival Business Conference.

Minister Dausab says the one-day business conference themed 'Luderitz Bucht: Unlocking Business Opportunities'  marks a significant moment, given the emerging green hydrogen as well as oil and gas industries under development at Luderitz and surrounding areas. 

The conference, she adds, gives attendees the platform to explore avenues for sustainable economic growth and be deliberate in the development of a renewed entrepreneurial culture. 

"Remember, sustainability is about the people. It is about ensuring that our economic development is inclusive and benefits all members of our society. It is about empowering local entrepreneurs, creating job opportunities, and fostering a culture of shared prosperity. 
As we embark on this journey towards a sustainable future, let us remember that we are not alone. We are part of a global community and that of the metaphoric Namibian house united by a common goal: to build a better world for ourselves and for future generations, where no one should feel left."

Dausab added that the government remains committed to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive while the natural environment is safeguarded. 

"This means investing in renewable energy infrastructure, promoting eco-friendly practices, and supporting initiatives that prioritise the well-being of our communities and ecosystems.

To this end, the Ministry fully supports various key sectors in the region, including fishing, agriculture, tourism, and mining, including the emerging oil, gas, and green hydrogen sectors.'

Also addressing the occasion was !Nami#Nus Constituency Suzan Ndjaleka. 

"We also like to see strong collaborations being established, and so more. We know that government cannot do without the private sector, so we need you to make sure that this business conference, not only today, is just a way of presenting but also will be a success in making sure that one or two emerging businesses in our town benefit."


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