The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture is centralising school payments to expedite fund disbursement for academic activities.

Some schools have voiced concerns about the slow release of funds.

nbc Reporter Johanna !Uri≠khos interviewed the Ministry's Executive Director, Sanet Steenkamp, for clarification.

During the interview, Steenkamp mentioned that 550 schools have already received funding for universal primary and secondary education, with additional disbursements made over the weekend. However, 1,209 schools are still awaiting payment, and efforts are underway to speed up the process in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance.

"However, the list can only be updated as soon as payments are picked up by the Ministry of Finance. Full amounts are being paid to schools, and this collective amount runs into millions. Therefore, the Ministry can only pay certain finances, and therefore, these amounts are available on a monthly basis. This is a privatised activity, and it is being handled with a deep sense of urgency.”

The ministry emphasised its commitment to prioritising the needs of educational institutions and ensuring equitable access to resources, highlighting the vital role of education in national development.

“We have sent letters to all school principals outlining the disbursement amounts and guidelines for financial management, emphasising accountability and transparency in expenditure.”

The Ministry of Basic Education, Arts, and Culture has received its highest-ever budget allocation of N$18.4 billion for the fiscal year 2024/25.

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