Namibia Revenue Agency (NAMRA) hosted trial games as part of their preparation for the upcoming State-owned Enterprise (SOE) games, set to kick off  in Oshakati.

The NAMRA Sport Trials encompassed a variety of sport activities, including Athletics, Football, Netball, Volleyball, Pool, and Tug of War. 

The initiative aimed to acquire the best talents from all NAMRA branches in the country to represent the A-Team at the SOE games.

In the midst of the day's sport activities held at the Eros Primary School Sport Field was NAMRA Commissioner Sam Shivute, who was impressed by the level of display.

The organization aims to stamp their authority as the top teams at the SOE games next weekend. Participants such as Tsakana Nkandih and Christine Kapalu expressed their wish to be the best, bringing them one step closer to their goal.

The NAMRA Trials, which started in the morning, concluded later in the afternoon. The team is expected to travel to the SOE games and put up a strong performance against various corporate companies in Namibia.


Photo Credits
Kassi Sagheus