A woman who hails from humble beginnings in the small town of  Khorixas is making waves in the wine industry.

Sanet Bombas recently launched a range of wines called Bombas.

The Sanet Bombas journey is one laced with passion, perseverance, and pride.

Bombas initially carved out her career as a beautician in the coastal town of Swakopmund. 

However, her ambitions soon led her to pursue a dream that would honour her family's legacy and traditions. 

Each bottle encapsulates the essence of family, storytelling, and unity, values that are deeply ingrained in Bombas's heritage.

"The Bombas family is a small family, we were probably only 15 back then, so since my grandparents passed on, I decided to continue their legacy, let this surname not die out, and today I am proud."

Her vision is not just about creating a product but nurturing a sense of community and connection through the simple yet profound act of sharing a bottle of wine.

Sanet's story is a beacon of inspiration for many, showing that no dream is too big, no matter where you come from. 

"Black child, your dreams are possible, and I am an example of it. I used to say people are doing their things, and I would be like, one day, but I am glad for that dream. I am so glad to be here because this is what I wanted, and finally it is kicking off."

Her transformation from a beautician to a successful wine entrepreneur serves as a testament to the importance of perseverance and staying true to one' s roots. 

As a part of Sanet's story, people gather together, and her family's traditions are shared with each opened bottle.

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