The Project Manager of the China Henan International Cooperation Group, Zhang Hongbo, says the company will continue to invest in social activities in the country to foster friendship among Chinese and Namibian citizens.

He was speaking during the official opening of the annual Tses Spring Festival.

The China Henan International Cooperation Group is rehabilitating and widening the road between Tses and Gibeon.

The narrow 98-kilometre road, which is frequently used by trucks transporting goods between Namibia and South Africa, is being constructed at a cost of N$532 million.

Currently, about 300 Namibians, mostly from Tses, Gibeon, and !Gochas, are working on the rehabilitation of the road.

The Spring Festival is an opportunity for residents of Tses and surrounding farming communities to engage and share ideas through music, sport, and art. It equally aims to position Tses as a tourist destination, as the area is home to a large extinct volcano, Brukaros.

The three-day festival, which is celebrating ten years of existence, will see teams participating in football, netball and volleyball, while music lovers will be entertained with live traditional music.

Natangwe Jimmy