A group of fishing companies that benefited from fishing quotas has donated laptops worth N$60,000 to the Usiel Ndjavera Primary School in the Otjinene Constituency.

The Managing Director at Moza fishing company says education is a shared responsibility that all should willingly take up.

"We saw it as a necessity to plough back into the community by providing these laptops to the school and making sure that they will lighten up the learners and also lift the burden of not having equipment to do the necessary work at school."

The company also assisted with the construction of a fence around Rietquelle Senior Secondary School, in the Aminuis Constituency.

Principal Haroldt Tjiueza says admissions work is a headache for the school, which is completely reliant on two old computers.

The computer equipment is meant to ease the administrative burden.

"The donation is spot on. This is exactly what we needed because currently we have only two computers, but only one in good condition, so rather than adding eight, I think every teacher will be able to sit with a laptop and compile his question papers rather than waiting for the school secretary to do that."

Otjinene Councillor, Erwin Katjizeu, emphasised the need for continuous assessment of academic work.

"We do a need assessment as we take education as one of the necessary fields that we should attend to every year. We also go around and we see at school what it is that they need. This is how, as regional councillors, we came up with the need for Usiel Ndjavera. I spoke to the principal and management, and they said they don't have computers to set questions papers. Therefore, I approached MOZA Fishing and this is what they did for the constituency, for the school and for the Otjinene child, so to me this is a very big gesture that they made."

Katjizeu is appealing to the school management to safeguard the laptops and put them to good use.

Usiel Ndjavera Primary School has 1666 learners and 32 teachers.

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