Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Daniel Kashikola, says the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (SARPCCO) has remained true to its objectives and has made significant headway toward strengthening cooperation, fostering joint strategies, and managing all forms of cross-border crime in the SADC region.

Daniel Kashikola addressed the Hybrid Extra-Ordinary meeting for sub-committees of regional police chiefs in the capital, saying that joint efforts by member states have provided the necessary ingredients for the growth of a knowledge-based police network, which has enabled the region to facilitate an effective response to cross-border crime.

"The forces and services are committed to ensuring peace, security, and stability in our region, thereby enabling development to take place."

Kashikola praised member states, crediting the cohesion and mutual understanding among them as having played a crucial role in the organ's successes to date.

"It is particularly gratifying to note that the continued interaction among interstates is mainly through joint and simultaneous operations, through which significant successes have been registered; these operations include Operation Basadi, Operation Uzalama, and other cross-border operations."

The joint understanding, according to Kashikola, underscores the importance of regional integration and meeting the overall objectives of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization.

Emil Seibeb