The government remains committed to ensuring sustainable management of natural resources.

This was said by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, during the handover of ten rehabilitated boreholes for rural communities in the Berseba Constituency.

Shifeta said the persistent drought caused by low rainfall as a result of climate change continues to affect rural communities negatively.

"The government of the Republic of Namibia will continue to work tirelessly with the purpose of achieving poverty alleviation and ensuring sustainable development in our country. The impact is greater in rural areas, where rural communities will benefit more because they were the ones who felt the pinch of the battle against climate change."

The project aims to enhance environmentally sound water utilization and management by implementing solar-powered pumping systems as clean technology.

"In total, the EDA CBNRM project has rehabilitated and retrofitted more than 164 boreholes across different regions in the past five years."

The Sustainable Livelihoods Water Utilization and Management Project in the region is funded by the Environmental Investment Fund to the tune of about N$1.2 million.

"This development should not benefit you as an individual or only as conservancy members; it should benefit rural communities and future generations."

The Han|Awab Conservancy Project benefited about 1250 community members within the conservancy area with potable water as well as 30 backyard gardens.

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The Namibian
Natangwe Jimmy