Male employees at the Arandis Town Council are now legally entitled to 10 days of parental leave.

This follows a collective agreement signed between the Arandis Town Council and the Namibia Public Workers Union, which also includes a 3% salary increment across the board as of the financial year 2023.

According to Gideon Thomas, NAPWU's Head of the Department for Education, Strategic Planning, and Support Services, 10 days of parental leave will allow a man to participate in bonding and build a fundamental relationship with the infant.

He says the signing of this agreement should open the eyes of other employers so that they can look into giving their male employees a chance to be part of their children's journey.

He added that the welfare of people is only recognized when employees can afford the cost of living for themselves and their families.

Furthermore, he says that the wage increase will not only improve employees' living conditions but will also help the country's economic growth.

On behalf of Arandis Town Council, CEO Stanley Norris expressed his appreciation for the signing of the agreement.



Stefan |Uirab