Strong wind and rainfall have left some families at Otjiuaneho in the Otjinene Constituency destitute as the roofs of their houses were blown off and power lines are down.

The village headman, Urbanus Hengari, bemoaned the situation, which he says has become a regular occurrence at the start of each rainy season.

The village headman narrates that the strong wind has caused extensive damage to the infrastructure and surrounding areas.

He adds that this disturbed the New Year's Eve activities in the village, some of which had to be halted as the main power lines were down.

"Things are blown away, even the electrical lines are blown down; we don't have electricity at the moment, but luckily no lives were lost. Now we need assistance in order for the residents to recover and live a better life."

Hengari says they are waiting to hear from the government through the constituency office about any assistance.

One of the affected families, Ingrid Tjiroze, called the incident a disaster because their house was also blown away by strong winds last year.

They received a temporary shelter, and since then the family has been living in discomfort.

"We're very much affected by this incident, and as we experience another disaster, hopefully, the constituency office will assist. We don't have enough livestock. They must help us build other houses. Now we will be squatting in these small tents you're seeing here."

The constituency leader, Erwin Katjizeu, acknowledged the challenges families are facing when left without proper dwellings.

Katjizeu says after observing a similar situation at the same time last year, his office will draft a letter to the relevant authorities for intervention.

"As a Constituency Councilor, I'm going to write a letter to Omaheke Regional Council through the Disaster Risk Management Chairperson, and I'm sure we will do whatever it takes to make sure that they are attended to and that whatever is expected from the region is done in a timely manner. See what we get from the OPM office."

Katjizeu is unhappy that five houses that were supposed to be rebuilt in his constituency after hailstorm damage are taking too long to finish.

He notes that only two of the five houses will be completed, but he promised to follow up on the matter soonest.

"I'm really puzzled, as I have said, but I hope that the office of the Prime Minister will attend to it speedily when the other houses are to be built, all the five houses that were to be built in Otjinene should be built."

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