The University of Namibia has introduced a new conditional admission policy for first-year students into the new curriculum degree programs.

Conditional admission will be granted to first-year students who did not strictly meet the requirements but who managed to obtain 25 points with a C in English.

Admission is conditional on their passing all their modules at the end of this year, or they can alternatively put in the work and upgrade their high school results.

Through the agreed-upon conditional admission, applicants who obtained 25, 26, 28, or 29 points with at least two As on higher-level subjects and a minimum C in English and otherwise met all their program-specific requirements will be admitted on condition.

Applicants who obtained at least 27 points with at least two As on higher-level subjects but who obtained one symbol lower in English will be admitted on the condition that they upgrade their results to meet the requirements within the 2023 academic year while being enrolled as a first-year student.

With this, students are then required to pass all modules related to the school subjects in which the required grades were not obtained.

UNAM's Registrar, Professor Erika Maass, says that no conditional admission will be considered for old curriculum programs or new curriculum diploma programs.

She added that conditional admission will be considered for first-year students in the new Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education degree programs.

The registration process commenced on Monday and is set to end on the 31st of this month, while the senior students' registration ends on February 14.

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Lucia Nghifindaka