Midwifery leadership conference

The Independent Midwives Association of Namibia, in collaboration with the University of Namibia, are hosting a midwifery leadership workshop.

The workshop aims to foster knowledge exchange, professional development, global cooperation, and excellence in midwifery practices.

The event saw active participation from institutions such as Cardiff University and the World Health Organisation, marking a collaborative effort to advance and strengthen leadership in the field of midwifery.

Teachers urged to uphold ethics and values of profession

The Head of Academic Affairs at the University of Namibia's Southern Campus, Rauna Namukwambi, is calling on teachers to uphold the ethics and values of the teaching profession.

Namukwambi addressed a teaching practicum stakeholder engagement held at Keetmanshoop.

The stakeholder engagement, held under the theme' improving communication and coordination of teaching practicum', is the first-ever gathering organised by the UNAM Southern Campus.

UNAM students donate medical supplies to Katutura Health Centre

Fourth-year law students at the University of Namibia have refurbished and donated medical equipment to the paediatric unit at Katutura Health Centre.

This is to create a calming and conducive environment for patients.

Katutura Health Centre, popularly known as Black Chain in honour of a nearby mall of the same name, operates on a 24-hour clock system, catering to residents of Katutura.

Students repainted the wall of the paediatric unit, making it child-friendly and enhancing its environment for comfort.

Rosh Pinah career fair described a success

A Career Fair at Rosh Pinah, aimed at providing opportunities to learners and the youth at the mining town to help them make informed decisions about career choices, was described as a success.

The event is a collaborative effort between RoshSkor Township, schools in Rosh Pinah, and institutions of higher learning.

Professionals and lecturers from UNAM and NUST engaged learners on their current career choices, while learners had the opportunity to pose questions during the one-day mini-career fair.

Public lecture on youth unemployment

As discussions around youth unemployment take centre stage, frustrations continue to mount as many ponder what concrete solutions there are after many years of deliberations.

A public lecture on a presentation titled "Social Protection, Inequality, and Youth Unemployment in Namibia: Infringement of the Social Contract" unpacked consequences undermining the social contract.

UNAM intends to industrialise

The University of Namibia is positioning itself to become a key contributor to Namibia's vision of industrialization by 2030.The institution's NeuDamm Campus has since introduced programmes aimed at matching the skills required for industrialization.

As part of its contribution to industrialization, UNAM's veterinary academic hospital takes the students through a chain of comprehensive scientific and practical work with a variety of species and inspects meat products to see if they are safe for human consumption.

UNAM students encouraged to be tolerant towards other cultures

The University of Namibia's Southern Campus Director, Dr. Seth Eiseb, urged students to continue being tolerant towards other cultures.

Eiseb, who made the remarks during the opening of the annual UNAM Cultural Festival at Keetmanshoop, says that the event aims to foster unity and promote good cultural practises and traditional values that should be emulated by all.

NUDO MP Joseph Kauandenge criticises Education Ministry

NUDO MP Joseph Kauandenge has criticised the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation over the accreditation of law degrees.

Kauandenge is questioning UNAM's monopoly on offering law programmes and the implications for students studying law at other institutions.

In response to the queries in the National Assembly, the Minister of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation, Dr. Itah Kandjii-Murangi, clarified the regulations and accreditation processes for tertiary institutions and their programmes.

UNAM, AAU to host 22nd edition of association’s conference of rectors

The University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Association of African Universities (AAU) are hosting the 22nd Rector, Vice-Chancellors, and Presidents of African Universities 2023 conference.

The four-day conference in Windhoek seeks to foster collaboration and address critical issues in higher education across the continent.

During the conference, academics will engage in the development of higher education in Africa by sharing best practises.