Production in animal husbandry at Evaristus Shikongo Correctional Facility outside Tsumeb has increased, from 200 cattle to 363.

The Evaristus Shikongo Correctional Facility is situated about 25 kilometers north of Tsumeb and is involved in animal husbandries such as cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

The facility also produces fruit and vegetables for use by the prison service.

Inmates are also taught various skills for use once they leave prison to reintegrate into society.

There are now more than 500 inmates at the facility, majoring in agriculture with a key focus on animal husbandry.

Commissioner General Raphael Hamunyela of the Namibian Correctional Services said the number of cattle increased, during the drought season, they put them to less than 200, and now they are 363 which is very good, which means by next year they might be able to supply beef not only pork which they are currently doing.

In the garden, the facility has maize, oranges, avocados, butternut, carrots and 18 hectares of lucerne.

Although the correctional service has no mandate to produce food, agriculture is the key programme that will assist in delivering rehabilitation while also producing food for inmates.

To achieve this, the correctional service has also acquired land of about 250 hectares in Kaokotavi.

The mandate of the Namibia Correctional Service is to ensure safe human custody for the offenders through rehabilitation before they are reintegrated into society, upon their release.

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Eveline Paulus