Four people were arrested in connection with housebreaking during a joint operation between NAMPOL and the City Police today.

The suspects were found busy breaking into a house in Khomasdal's Dater Street.

Large amounts of money lay scattered all over the house, and weapons were allegedly found in the suspect's possession.

It was a regular Friday afternoon when the housekeeper's boyfriend, who has now joined the list of culprits as the fifth suspect, came to visit his girlfriend.

Shortly after he was allowed entry into the house, two men jumped through the threshold.

One suspect, upon the arrival of the authorities, attempted to stuff cash under the fridge.

NamPol's Regional Commander, Commissioner David Indongo, and City Police Chief Abraham Kanime soon turned up at the scene.

"This is a bad day for them; while they were trying to sneak in, they were being monitored. The establishment of neighborhood watch is important for people to start self-policing," said Commissioner David Indongo.

Chief Abraham Kanime of the City Police cautioned residents against keeping large amounts of money at their residences.

"Let us not keep money in our houses; the investigations will reveal the details."

The suspects are being kept at the Otjomuise police station.

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City Police


Emil Xamro Seibeb