City Police warn against giving money to beggars


Members of the public are discouraged from giving money to children and adults living and working on the street.

The Head of Windhoek City Police, Chief Leevi Ileka, made the call at a media briefing in Windhoek.

Chief Ileka says the Windhoek City Police Service has been experiencing with great concern the increasing number of people living and working on the street.

Ileka adds that they have noted that the majority of street robberies reported, especially in the Central Business District, are committed by people living and working on the street. 

Four suspects caught breaking into a Khomasdal house


Four people were arrested in connection with housebreaking during a joint operation between NAMPOL and the City Police today.

The suspects were found busy breaking into a house in Khomasdal's Dater Street.

Large amounts of money lay scattered all over the house, and weapons were allegedly found in the suspect's possession.

It was a regular Friday afternoon when the housekeeper's boyfriend, who has now joined the list of culprits as the fifth suspect, came to visit his girlfriend.