CAF D-licence course for U-15 project concludes

CAF D-licence course for U-15 project concludes
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Katrina //Gowases

The Namibia Football Association's women's department hosted a CAF D-licence course for a U/15 project at the NFA technical centre this past week and concluded with a certification ceremony.
The week-long course was designed for school-based teams to prepare coaches for the upcoming U/15 seven-aside school girls competition that will be hosted on the 22nd of this month and will conclude with the Girls Football Festival in May 2020.
The bulk of the participants were teachers coming from various schools in the regions.
Speaking at the certification ceremony was the deputy director of Women in Sport and Marginalised People in the directorate of Sport, Jo-Ann Manuel, who stated that her ministry will not condone, ill-disciplined learners in sports.
”As the Ministry of Youth Sports and National Services, we agree with the executive director of the Ministry of Education, Art and Culture that student or learners that physically attacks teachers should be expelled from the school and we go further at the Ministry of Sport that such ill-disciplined learners should never be considered for any national team, even if such a learner is a star on the field or court such a person should not considered to be part of the national team” Manuel said.
She said for sports to grow in the country teachers need to be equipped as they are on the ground of the pyramid of sport development. She thanked the NFA for training the teachers.
Manuel urged the participants to make use for the licence at school tournaments, youth tournaments and others. She also appealed to them to record the tournaments they are officiating to track own progress and not only to wait on the NFA to use it.
The participants are excited to go back to their respective schools and clubs to implement their newly acquired skills.
Lydiana Nanamus said, “For me to be part of this is a very big thing, I managed to go out of my shell and my comfort zone and actually see what else I can do and how I can help other people as “
”The knowledge that I received from here I need to apply it on the Soccer pitch. I deal with the small kids U/15/17/20 and the senior team as well” Immanuel Hamutenya said.
“This will be the first time that I will have the girls Soccer team at my school. I will implement what I have learned so it will not go in vain” Emelda Jochem said.
Hafeni Ndeitunga said, “This opportunities doesn't come often here, so to have a licence of this magnitude in this country it gives so much to me personally”