Erongo Governor's VIP ticket withholding sparks controversy amid community concerns


Omaruru, Henties Bay, and Arandis councillors did not attend the Independence Day celebrations at Katima Mulilo in their official capacities after the Erongo Governor withheld their VIP tickets.

Erongo Governor Neville Andre says the councillors must first address community issues in their towns before attending celebrations.

The Independence Day organising committee gave 50 VIP tickets for each region to send their public office bearers to the national celebrations.

However, the Erongo Governor has excluded leaders from Omaruru, Henties Bay, and Arandis.

Finance Ministry commended for consultation platforms


Regional and local authority councillors in the ||Kharas Region have commended the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises for the consultations that will provide them with the platform to ensure that some of their budgetary needs are included in next year's budget allocations.

The ministry is undertaking consultations with regional councillors and local authorities in the region aimed at understanding the current pressing financial needs and planning for next year's budget.

Oshikoto Regional Council elects two young regional councillors


The Oshikoto Regional Council has proven that members of the youth can serve in leadership positions by electing two young regional councillors.

Mateus Kamati, representing the Onayena Constituency, and Vilho Nuunyango, representing the Oniipa Constituency, will represent the region in the National Council and Management Committee, respectively.

The new members will serve for two and a half years, from June 1, 2023, to June 1, 2025.

Erongo Regional Council reiterates commitment to service delivery


Erongo Regional Council has reiterated its commitment to service delivery.

Its Chairperson Benitha Imbamba said they have rated the best regional council in terms of customer service charter development and implementation by the office of the Prime Minister.

Imbamba said this during the region's annual opening meeting at Swakopmund.

Erongo scooped first place among the regional councils and third place in the overall government agencies ratings.