The Swakopmund municipal councillors donated toilet papers and bath soaps worth N$23 000 at the town's State Hospital.

During her visit to the Swakopmund State Hospital in 2022, Namubes says the council was alerted that due to limited financial resources, patients admitted there had to provide their own toilet papers and toiletries.
She noted that not all the patients can afford to purchase their own, resulting in an unhygienic medical environment for the medical staff, the patients, and the visitors, respectively.
It is against this backdrop that the Office of the Mayor requested donations for basic necessities such as toilet paper, bath soap, lotion, sanitary towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and washing powder from various stakeholders.
Namubes says the council is concerned about the well-being and safety of the town's residents.

"People are moving to Swakopmund because of urbanization, and our community has grown. And this comes with various challenges. The welfare of our residents is our number one responsibility as a Council. Thus, in addition to our mandate, we work hard to maintain our town as clean, safe, and free of environmental pollution, poverty, and community risks as we can."

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Stefan Uirab